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Louie's Big 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

I was lucky enough to meet Louie for his big first birthday Cake Smash Session recently and he was a real joy. For a 12 month old he was so bright and attentive. We got lots of smiles and Mummy had bought him the cutest little outfit to smash his cake in.

Before he was let loose with his cake we spent time capturing gorgeous portraits of him so Mum and Dad had a variety of shots, not just messy ones. I loved his pout!

He loved playing with the balloons and bubbles! As do all my little cake smash clients....

Before he got stuck in there with his cake he spent time checking it out first. Clever little boy!

I love a good Cake Smash Photoshoot! They really are the new, and the only way to celebrate your Baby's Big First Birthday! My Cake Smash Sessions are so popular right now, can't wait for the next one!

Rachael x

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