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Prior to your session please consider if there are any personal items such as blankets or soft toys which you wish for us to incorporate into Baby's Shoot. If so please bring them with you and I will incorporate what I can during the session. I have props/backdrops and outfits/wraps for use during the session.

If possible I ask that you feed Baby just before or preferably when you arrive at the studio. We want Baby to be as sleepy as possible. The session will be at Baby's pace and we will stop at any time for feeds, changes and cuddles.

The Studio is very warm to ensure Baby is comfortable. Please bear this in mind and wear layers so that you can take them off as necessary.

Please bring anything you will need to feed Baby. If formula feeding I have a bottle warmer which you are welcome to use.  The studio is private for feeding.

Please bring any pacifiers Baby has. These can be extremely helpful when settling Baby during the session.

If you are bringing older siblings to the session please bring anything they may need to occupy them whilst we are taking Babys shots. The session can last up to 2 hours so it is important that they do not become bored and restless.

Please limit the amount of people attending the session. I ask that no more than 2 adults attend plus siblings.

Sibling and family shots can be taken if you wish. When considering what you might wear for the family shots I recommend wearing similar colours and avoid logos and patterns if possible.

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Please consider if there are any personal items you wish for me to incorporate into the images such as Baby's favourite toy. I have props for use during the session. I don't provide outfits due to all chidlren being different sizes so please bring your own outfits for Baby.

Please bring anything Baby needs for feeding/changing.

If you want Baby to wear different outfits during the session then you are free to bring a number of outfits. We may not have time for every outfit change but we will incorporate as many as we can. Please try to limit the number of outfits to three.

If you wish for sibling or family shots to be taken then it is a good idea to all wear similar colours. It is completely up to you in terms of your colour preference. Please try to avoid logos and patterns.

If you are attending for Baby's First Birthday Cake Smash Session please bring a change of clothes and a towel for Baby as we will get messy during the session. Cake Smash Sessions include a mixture of clean posed & natural shots prior to the actual cake smash. 

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