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Valentines - Behind the scenes

This year I ran Valentines Mini Shoots - here is a look at what we got up to.....

We met lots of little heart breakers who all came dressed to impress. Bows, Bow ties, suits, sparkly shoes to name a few. Everybody looked extremely smart!

We had balloons, flowers, red roses, petals, bunting, all sorts of gorgeous props to make the setting sweet and special.

The majority of the mini shoots were surprises for loved ones. Many people said they were going to make cards, prints, etc as a lovely keepsake item.

This particular shot was harder than it looks as of course they wanted to mess with/eat the petals. Some quick shooting was needed and we got it in the end!

Everybody has been delighted with their images and cant wait to give them as gifts to their partners today!

I am now planning my next round of Mini Shoots - Mothers Day! Watch this space for more info x

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