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What to expect from your Newborn Session

The diary of a newborn and baby photographer is a complicated place. Nobody told

your baby that they are expected to turn up for their portrait session and while some can’t wait to get here, some are fashionably late. This makes my diary a wonderfully fluid place!

When you first book your session you will be required to pay the studio session fee to reserve your place in my diary. I take a limited number of newborn sessions each month so that I can ensure I can fit everybody in and work around midwife and health visitor appointments once baby is here.

Once your baby arrives and you have settled back in at home contact me and we can then confirm the best date and time for your session.

Your newborn portrait session will take place in my comfortable studio. Newborn studios are not like traditional photography studios - they are designed to be warm and comfortable. I want you and your baby to feel relaxed and comfortable

so you are able to feed on demand and put your feet up with refreshments. I have a lovely big sofa so that you can feed in comfort and dad can relax.

So that I can capture your baby perfectly while they are still so brand new, for most

of the session your baby will be in their birthday suit. Newborn clothes never fit

correctly so we don’t get to see all those beautiful details that say ‘hey I’m brand

new!’ Before you arrive for your session it is preferable for you to feed baby, or if possible feed baby in the studio when you arrive. It is also a good idea if you dress baby in a long sleeve sleepsuit when you leave your home without a vest on underneath. If baby arrives and is asleep we are less likely to wake baby up if we only have to take a sleepsuit off rather than a sleepsuit and a vest over the neck too.

Your baby may poop and/or pee on props, blankets, perhaps even me or you! This is just par for the course, something I’m used to dealing with on a daily basis and something I allow for. All of my blankets and props are washed after each session and I have plenty of cloths and towels to hand. You might want to pop a change of clothes for yourself into yourchanging bag, just incase the worse happens.

Your newborn portriat session can take up to 4 hours and the reason

for this is your newborn will need feeding, cuddles and cleaning throughout the

session which is baby led rather than photographer led!

There are a number of things to bring with you to your session so it is a good idea to get everything packed and ready. You may want to bringitems for feeding, changing, any soothers, a particular rattle or toy which may soothe baby, and a blanket and some soft toys from babys bedroom so that we can create a scene similar to that shown below. In this image mummy and daddy had bought a train spelling out babys name, a sigh saying 'born in 2016,' a number of babys favourite teddies and also a blanket. It is not essential to bring teddies and blankets as I have plenty but I find it can be a nice touch to personalise the images and have Babys own things.

I hope this blog answers many common questions which you may have about your newborn session, but if you would like to book or discuss a session please contact me on 07929 238 444 x

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